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Computer Teaching Abroad


To teach computer applications and programs, such as word, excel and basic computer applications. School children are gradually being exposed to computers and may need just basic computer flying start. So use this opportunity to share your computer knowledge! You will be amazed just how much you know and can pass on to eager students. IT education is gradually taking root in this part of the world, so you would realize that in a computer class room, one computer is being shared by 4 students or more. IT skills are becoming important requirement to employment and therefore parents are encouraging their children to take computer studies seriously. In Ghana, for instance only a hand full of homes has personal computers for their children to practice.

Who can volunteer?
You don't need any special qualifications for this placement especially if it involves primary or junior high school students. On the other hand, placement are available for higher computer instructors in the areas of MICROSOFT OFFICE SUIT, WEBSITE AND GRAPHIC DESIGNING, A+, N+, PROGRAMMING, CISCO, SYSTEMS AND DATABASE ADMINISTRATION, ETC.

These require qualification or specialized knowledge. Most of the computer instructors are Ghanaians, it will be welcoming opportunity for these students to have a perspective from a foreign instructor.